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Keep in mind as well that Google was completely blindsided by this whole event. Sundar is a horrible CEO and this never should have happened. This might finally be the thing that kicks him, IMO he should already be fired but Google of all companies missing the boat on LLM is absolutely insane to me.

So Google can pretend it's just taking it's time but the reality is they've pulled thousands of developers from other projects to race Bard and Lamda to the finish line.

OpenAI and Microsoft have been working this apparently for over 5 years. Google can only go so fast to catch up and I have doubts their language models are as sophisticated as openai's.


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No LLM is going to replace any software developers. All that will happen is Developers get more efficient which means leadership asks for more features in tighter deadlines.

Anyone who thinks management won't just expect more from employee's is foolish.


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Every time I come on this sub and see people recommend last pass I paste the Wiki on them.


How those people still use this that company blows my mind.

You want a free password manager?

  • BitWarden

You want a paid password manager that has MORE features, and have literally NEVER HAD A BREACH?!

  • 1Password

Both companies paid for external audits and both companies are just fucking awesome, and actually care about it's users. You should see the hoops 1Password went through to finally satisfy it's macOS user's after switching from Native to Electron. I've never seen a company work that hard to prove themselves.

There's also local one's like KeePass and others but you really should have some sort of backed up password manager in case of catastrophic failure.

TLDR: I use 1Password, have for years and laugh at people who tell me LastPass is better because it's slightly cheaper.


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> However, it’s not clear just yet how affordable this house would be. It’s still a prototype, and the researchers focused on creating it using recycled, locally sourced wood fiber feedstock. This makes it more resilient to disruptions from supply chains and worker shortages.

AKA it costs a fucking LOT


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I still don't understand how carplay is so much better than android auto. It doesn't even make sense, people will claim "vertical stack" but google's Pixel doesn't even work properly ... This is just bad code, plain and simple.


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Pichai is the worst CEO Google and FAANG has ever had. It's jaw dropping how Google was one of the few tech companies to not absolutely explode in terms of growth given the insane move towards online.

Google has not launched a successful product since arguably the Pixel and that is meh at best. Everything they've created since Gmail has been absolutely out performed by other companies.

They are a titan and basically control the web and they can't do anything but continue to make search worse and jam ML into every little fucking thing.

He will be the downfall of Google and is an awful CEO.

What CEO hires 37,000 people and then proclaims we need to look at spending. How the fuck is this not resolved top down. I'm at a loss for words how badly Google has fucked up their position over the last 10 years compared to Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.

Google is constantly playing catch up.