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When I looked at this subreddit yesterday two of the top posts were:

One, this one, implying that a "Latino" man was trying to kidnap OP, though now that they've commented more it sounds like it was probably just a guy looking for parking


Two, a guy claiming that armed robberies are "exploding" in DC right now and saying that we all know the races of the perpetrators, implying that obviously the problem is black people - and when I looked at his post history he was a BMW obsessed bro living in the Wharf area and he actually said that he thinks the National Guard should occupy DC "24/7" to crack down on crime. The guy was unhinged.

It's not an easy job (and also a job that they don't get paid for), but the moderators will have to keep an eye out for crime-panic posts that don't really have merit.


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>Crime post trolls gonna crime post troll.

The number one post on this subreddit right now is by a person saying that they were "almost kidnapped by a Latino man" in DC (the poster also says DC has a "huge sex trafficking problem," which is factually not accurate).

But if you read their post and their comments, it sounds like they were walking outside, they saw what they say was a "latino man" in a truck circling a block a few times and the poster decided they were on the verge of being kidnapped and they reported it to the police. The person didn't actually get out of the truck and try to kidnap them.

Unfortunately, anecdotes have always driven public opinion, and policy decisions, around crime and criminal justice, whether based on fact or fantasy.


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It's also not factually accurate to say DC has a "huge sex trafficking problem." I'm curious what OP has in mind when they say sex trafficking, because in the context of them saying that they were almost kidnapped, the implication is that there's a "huge" problem in DC of women being kidnapped off the street and whisked away into a sex slave network.

There is no such huge problem in DC. That said, it's always good to be safe, and the city can always be safer, that's a laudable goal, and I'm very glad that the OP is okay.


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I complain to my female friends all the time about how incredibly limited men's clothes shopping options are in this area. Even the stores that carry both men's and women's clothes will be 80% for women. Urban Outfitters has pretty much given up and just throws graphic tees some weird flannels in a forgotten corner of the store and dedicates everything else to women's clothes. It sucks.