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your missing the point.

this is about softening global price shocks due to low supply next year.

Its possible russian crude freezes in the pipes sometime in the next couple of months due to geopolitical issues arising from the ukraine war/sanctions etc. and destroys a humongous amount of russias production capacity. leaving a massive supply issue, possibly for the next 20/30 years.

why 20/30 years? because Russia lacks the expertise to rebuild their oil infrastructure and A LOT of their oil comes from permafrost tundra in their far north. The last time their infrastructure blew up was when the soviet union collapsed. It took 30 years and a TON of expertise from western oil companies to get get their production levels back up to soviet union levels.

by tentatively opening venezuela back up into global markets and getting refined in the USA which is the only place nearby that can refine their shitty heavy crude, it helps cushions EVERYONE from massive price shocks that may be about to occur.

this isn't for us here in the USA. this is a smart geopolitical play being done by the USA. Trying to anticipate global problems ahead of time and getting infront of them. if anything this is the USA trying to be a good Ally to our friends in the european union and asia


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yes, ive read the wiki, ive also watched numerous other videos on youtube that go indepth into things such as weather, tactics, armorment, commanders and more.

your the one thats changing the goalposts after being called out for making fallacious claims and now resorting to name calling. i think you need a rag to whipe all that paint off your face you clown. grow up


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the Battle of Agincourt, where the fable of longbowmen crushing armored french knights is massively overblown. in truth it was mud and a hill that won that battle. most of the knights killed were stabed to death with knives after having to slowly slog through mud and becoming exhausted.

theres plenty of youtube videos exposing this lie and showing that an arrow fired from a longbow would at the very very best, leave a small dent.

so sorry to have to tell you this. But you and your mythical english longbowmen are wrong.