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If he has a birthday later than his housing needs there is a youth homeless shelter in Bangor that will help establish a record of housing insecurity and help file the paperwork for attaining a housing voucher with the state. The day program is 7:30-7:30 and the shelter runs 7:30-7:30. They can help with transportation to/from work with cab vouchers. Food assistance is available too. They accept 13-21 last I checked. There is also a transitional living program in the same building that helps youth get into apartments.


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There is a thing called a Protection From Abuse (PFA), and a court ordered No Contact order, but afaik there is no such thing as a restraining order.

I only mention it because this is what I found out when I went to try to get one a few years ago. You don't need a lawyer, just go to your local courthouse and ask for the form and a handbook that explains what each does. Wishing OP best of luck.