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There's a group doing renovations on the lower floors for four restaurants/cafes there. I was at event in the basement restaurant/event space there within the last year and it was pretty cool. They have a lot of work left to do on the building but it's getting there. The food was amazing too.


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I don't know enough to answer for certain. The main guy in this article had a green card though, so he wasn't here illegally, but it was revoked when he was charged or convicted. I imagine most of these guys had similar immigration statuses. I don't think an illegal immigrant can join the military. I'm not an expert though so I might be wrong.


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Yeah I wouldn't say that they all deserve deportation. Drug charges are a pretty frequent source of felony convictions and deportation seems unwarranted in those cases. I'm don't think it's unfair to deny citizenship to those who commit violent crimes though. I have don't know what the guy in the article was originally charged with. I do know when I've seen article in the past that profiled/interviewed a couple of these guys, several of them had committed shootings and or robberies.