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People in my family tend to die in their 50's. Both of my maternal grandparents died at 55, uncle died at 59, moms uncle died at 54, aunt dead at 57. My father is 55 and my mother is 53 now. They take care of themselves better than the rest of the family who died (no drinking, they eat healthier, both quit smoking, etc) but my father also just found out he's diabetic. Every time either of them gets a cough I find myself thinking "shit, is this it?". I am not ready to bury my parents. My mother was only 31 or so when she buried both of her parents, which is the age I am now.


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As someone who has been medicated by force, it doesn't hold up for long. You get medicated, a 2-6 week stay in a psych ward, and then you're out. They set up appointments and stuff for you to continue care, but no one checks to make sure that you go to them. I would get out and go off of my medication immediately, just to end up back a week or two later.


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> It's literally the only way you can get directions, translations, communicate with airbnb, etc?

It's not though. You can download maps/have a physical map. You can hire a translator/learn the language/get a translation book. You don't need AirBnB, hotels and hostels exist and are very easy to spot. You speak like someone who's never lived without the internet. How do you think people did these things before the internet?


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Your assholeness is speaking volumes to how much of a douchebag you are. You're living your life in fear of shit that happens in movies and in your mind. It's no wonder you do this though, because of how much of an insufferable paranoid nerd you are. No one is doing all this shit on a bus. Oh, don't forget your faraday cage next time you're on the train, just in case!


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Perhaps it's different because I've only ever been to Canada and Mexico as far as international travel goes, but I've just never thought about it. I've always used the wifi at the hotel or restaurant to get what internet I need, and had numbers or whatever saved for whatever else I needed.


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Better pricing...for free wifi? "people still drive to[sic] much in the city" Sometimes it's the only way to get places. Some people don't want to get on a dirty bus or subway. Some people live places that there is little or no public transit access. Cars are a necessity in a lot of cases. You are never going to get your dream bike + public transit only city. Just give it up.