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it depends on the show. difference is more noticeable with anime like i binged the first 9 episodes of chainsaw man and it was the right call since its such a fun and like wacky experience ig. but there’s also stuff like vinland saga, where currently its been 7 episodes of watching slaves learn how to farm and its much more introspective, so week to week is pretty good cause it’d be hard to keep at it for an hour or 2 at a time yk?


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its a different generation bro, there’s tons of great sitcoms that dont constantly degrade women and/or the butt if joke are the people degrading women. like michael scott says a bunch of offensive stuff, but he’s clearly an idiot who means well and the joke is at his expense. just watch those lmao, cant change the shows you watched from 15-20 years ago bro


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as an israeli, the left is alive and well lmao. just like a week or so, there was a protest against the new hyper right wing government and that allegedly had north of 80k people in it. the thing is, you have big channels that more right wing people consider to be pretty left wing and that seems to be the deal here. a relatively left leaning channel reporting on the attack and grieving people being upset.


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severance finale was perfection. as for soundtracks, either station eleven (cheating since it started in december 2021, but ended in janurary 2022) or cyberpunk edgerunners.