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Take a look at 65 Dwight Street which is managed by Chelsea Company

I lived at this property and their 80 Howe property in law school and they’re a solid/responsive landlord.

Apart from being more than a little ugly on the outside, 65 Dwight might check some good boxes for you. It is close to the hospital and has its own off-street parking spaces or individual garage spaces.

Really the only issue I ever dealt with was some of the noise pollution from ambulances en route to the hospital, but it was not particularly disruptive.

Edit: their George St property may be a little nicer (don’t have personal experience with it) and is in the same neighborhood.

As to your original question, High Street is possibly one of the loudest areas of downtown due to the frat house.


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I think my off the cuff answer is Trinity. Low key atmosphere and there’s a lot of room so you can either do your own thing (not bothering anyone) or, if you’re social, glom on to other conversations.

On slower nights, Ordinary is a good answer here. Bartenders are always great to chat with. However, this is a smaller bar that can get busy and I think a solo drinker might end up feeling like they’re taking up space.


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Reply to Staycation by eggheadslut

Get a drink at the top of the Omni hotel (John Davenport’s). The view is nicer during the day.

Pop into the Yale Art museum and chill out for a bit in the courtyard at ground level. One of my favorite spots to relax because you feel like you’re in a quiet little fortress.

While we are sticking with Yale things, pop into the Rare Book & Manuscript library.

Go to Trinity in the morning to watch a soccer game and drink. I am not a Liverpool fan but they have the strongest following in the city and it makes for a neat spectacle as a neutral.

Edit: adding a weird one, get a panini and a coffee from owl shop in the afternoon. The place is usually dead at this time, so you don’t have to deal with smoke if that’s not your thing, and they seriously make a great sandwich/coffee. It’s a really unique space and worth considering for your staycation checklist.


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I’ve done this one. OP be forewarned this is super small, it’s essentially just a room, but they let you wander around the med school for a bit. When I went, around the time of the new semester, they had the library jazzed up to look like a Hogwart’s sorting hat ceremony.


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Given that was are engaging in idle speculation, it’s possible she simply followed the other group who darted across the intersection. Sometimes pedestrians simply have lemming-level of thought and will step into an intersection if the person in front of them does.


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That’s quite possible one of the safest areas of New Haven. It is so far within the Yale umbrella that it might as well be a freshman courtyard. It’s also right next to the Study.

I lived two blocks down from there for nearly five years and never experienced anything like you’re describing.


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Just to add to the chorus of “you are wrong”

You can review this OLR article, which discusses the instances where pedestrians do not have right of way (including outside of a crosswalk or when the intersection is controlled by a traffic signal)

You are correct that we don’t know the circumstances but Elm/York is controlled by a signal, so it is possible the student here was crossing against the signal.

I run outside a lot and my wife works at Yale New Haven. She frequently reminds me of how many people who had the right of way still end up in the ER. It is very unfortunate but you need to be aware of your surroundings and wary of bad drivers. This is not victim blaming it is just good advice that’ll maybe keep you alive when encountering bad drivers.


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Just want to say I am pretty impressed with the list you’ve put together on your own.

> Headed into town Saturday at lunchtime. Modern Apizza for lunch?

You’ll get a million different opinions on pizza here. Modern isn’t my first choice but it has absolutely earned its place as one of the “big three”. No change needed here but I will toss in my controversial plug for De Legna’s

> Yale Art museum, green, old campus, Barcade after lunch.

This is a great day, can I join you? I’d add on the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library to this list l, which is really unique and only adds on about 15ish minutes or so.

> Booked a night at the Blake. Mostly for walkability.

Solid spot.

> Birthday dinner reservations at Union League or Olea?

Union League has been the standardbearer in fine dining for a long time and for good reason. That said, there is no shortage of fantastic restaurants in New Haven. If you are dead set on fine dining, I will second your nomination of Union League but Zinc (also mentioned here) belongs in the conversation.

> Nightcaps at High George?

Good spot mostly for view and ambience. I’d recommend Ordinary for drinks though. Really unique cocktails and great bartenders. It is a smaller spot but its previous occupant (Richter’s) was a bit of a New Haven landmark.

> Any recommendations for a great place for an early breakfast on the way out?

I will second the recommendation of the Pantry, another New Haven classic. They pretty much make two dishes (eggs Benedict and cinnamon roll pancakes) but they knock those out of the park. Another controversial opinion Bella’s / Lena’s have always been crazy overrated. Not worth a detour.

I will toss in an oddball breakfast recommendation of Trinity Pub. New Haven used to have a ton of irish bars and this place is the last man standing. Chef/owner is a great guy and it will be a more relaxed breakfast.


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The city has great food and great culture. However, owning in New Haven comes with much higher taxes than some surrounding options you may want to consider (Milford, Orange, or Woodbridge).