ISmokeDatGreen t1_j800n8r wrote

Like I said I believe it’s person to person more so than strains. No strain helps with my pain, to be honest neither to the painkillers I’m on. For the last 5 months since my accident the only time my leg didn’t hurt was when I was on cocaine.

That being said I’m glad you found something that helped you, being in pain constantly is awful.


ISmokeDatGreen t1_j7zfu1t wrote

As someone that’s currently on painkillers and smokes cannabis daily I can promise you that cannabis does not act as a painkiller in any way for me. there’s actually studies that show that it increases pain from chronic illnesses and when recovering from surgery. I believe that these conflicting studies are because of peoples different biological makeup, edibles don’t work on me at all so my personal experience may be different from other peoples.