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Never hit a deer, not even in PA. I remember back after I graduated, I was driving this shitty truck to work. It would stall out while driving 70mph. I had to turn it off and back on while driving. Lights would turn off and everything. Plus, it was winter so we had them North western PA snow falls. The deer would always jump in front of me while driving that road, and once while I stalled out.


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Had to go to Philly some time ago.. Bro, I think it's I495, but that shit was a roller coaster.

It really hurt to see a highway like that... PA backroads? Whatever. They're basically speed bumps. But there's no reason that interstate should be so fucked.


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If you get the chance, I'd suggest the statue of liberty prank. It's a miniature statue in the middle of the river(idk which river) along 322. Whenever I travel up north, I'll stop and take a look.

There's a lot of rumors about the statue, but the real story is it was a prank. Someone went around collecting venetian(iirc) blinds, and used them to sculpt the statue. Late at night they snuck it out and planted it in the middle of the river. It's been there ever since, and once had to be rebuilt I believe.

Aside from that, PA has a very beautiful scene of nature. A hike would be nice.


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It varies on the situation. Many people who are privy know that a case cannot be opened unless CYS steps foot in the house. They will show up and ask to talk, but that can be fruitless. If there's evidence you can supply, that can go towards warrants, which would help.

I think you need info about Lancaster foster care, and what will be done with the child(ren), since (imo) that's a huge danger sometimes.

It's been a long time since I've dealt with CYS in PA, and I never had anything in Lancaster County. We were in Delco and Venango when I was dealing with that kind of stuff, and each county is different. I would imagine though, Lancaster has more resources