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There are also phased out names of places or they got shifted.

Like there is an area that was once mapped as beaver pass near me that isn't called that anymore.

Plus a huge part of PA was once called Westmoreland which disappeared.

It's something you just kinda move with through history I guess.


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In college (secular) there were always weird groups I'd run into praying in the morning.

Then later in the day they'd be protesting abortion with some idiots that didn't even go to the school accusing everyone of being murderers.

Meanwhile people are just going to class


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Many of them have sold out to "luxury" housing and basically turned into shopping malls as well.

Which can generally be all paid for by student loans.

Then you'll go to a classroom that's some bizarre yellow room three floors below ground with paint from 1970 taught by another student.


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I don't think it helps that we're constantly shown videos of people in other cities that raid. I've seen them from California to Florida to the UK.

Everyone always seeing video proof emboldens people. Surveillance begins to seem stupid when it doesn't really make a difference.

Strike that, it seems to be making a difference in releasing footage and showing how slow response time is and nothing ends up happening.


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I had to go to Wyoming County for the only frigging available spot for a specific medical thing and went by a house that had a "fuck biden" 3x4 ft sign in one of those glass encased, stone things you'd see in front of a church with times and events on it in their yard.

I don't see how or why anyone would want a sign saying fuck in their front yard.


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Yeah that's the thing. People in your family can do DNA testing. I know an aunt did ours and we are a small family so no murder for me! /s

On the plus side if I was murdered and found they'd know who I was so...good news?

We still have family we've found that make no sense though. There's a family in Egypt with our same surname that are so similar looking that it's insane but unless one of them does DNA testing we won't know the connection.

And we are eastern European by what we know so we don't know who went where.

We have a very minimal last name to the point where I know only I have my name in the states so other families are odd to find, especially when the people look just like you.


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If you're new to the state you can bring documentation (since it will be dated) to attempt to fight at least one of the tickets.

Generally, a reasonable judge will let one slide. It's the burden of the citizen to learn the ropes but two tickets in two days is excessive if no one is informing you what needs to be done.


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Well you can spread the word that instead of using the money Wolf was trying to give to families for anything useful...they're going to have a state wide liquor sale!

No dates are announced yet but it was brought up on the local news this morning.