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This is the second time a redditor has accused me of not understanding technology when I disagree with them about a point regarding AI in a day. I love seeing people condescend to me about technology that I have years of experience working with in academic and professional settings.

"The data says black people commit more crime" is still not a reason to build automated systems that treat them differently. Biased models are not a good reason to abandon the constitutional and civic principles this country was founded on.


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Having actually worked in legal technology, I'm honestly not sure what this does for existing lawyers. As I said before, legal documents require extremely specific and precise language. Lawyers are likely to have templates for common documents their firms create, and anything beyond that requires actually knowing about law, which LLMs like ChatGPT are not capable of. The actual money to be made in legal technology is not in generative AI, but in document processing and search. Lawyers are increasingly having to deal with hundreds of gigabytes or even terabytes of documents in a given case. Ocr, which is also AI and is seeing in use in the industry, makes handwriting searchable. Advanced search techniques make legal review, the real driver of cost in the legal industry, faster and cheaper. Making legal arguments in court is not the reason why interaction with the legal system can be so expensive.


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I'm not convinced that this technology, in it's current form, will replace lawyers. It lacks the precision required by legal reasoning and still gets shit wrong all the time. Furthermore, as a software engineer, I have doubts on whether this tech is capable of solving these problems without radical new ideas. I foresee a lot of people giving themselves a lot of headaches by thinking they can rely on this technology, but not much more than that.


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This is pure conspiracy theory bullshit. Yes, the fed's mandate is to control inflation. They do that by raising rates. Rates were probably unhealthily low if anything. That might cause a recession, but that's not the goal.

Layoffs are happening because dumb fucks on wall street and the VCs in the valley are predicting a recession that may or may not actually happen. They therefore want to see blood in the water to know these companies are serious about treating their feelings seriously, despite companies like Google being ridiculously profitable. These companies should just start paying dividends and put an end to this infinite growth, short term quarterly thinking bullshit that has them laying off thousands of workers despite historically good numbers.