I_Want_In_Too t1_jdwb9oi wrote

Super boring and uninspired. It’s work to get through her newest album. It’s as if she got addicted to being sad and ran out of ways to express it. She brought in people to sing with her and it detracts even more from Lana’s lack of artistic growth.

I hope she takes time off and reinvents herself. She is a magnificent talent.


I_Want_In_Too t1_jadna2d wrote

You make great points. All I can think is, “it depends”. This is coming from a person that cuts people out of their life routinely. I don’t have time for negative people - but I do have a little time to help them. Maybe out of guilt from my past decisions.


I_Want_In_Too t1_itwzhqf wrote

Our brains do not work like computer hard drives. They run off chemicals and electricity. We are organic.

Your memories are chemicals - so aren’t memories really how you remembered those chemicals feeling?

By thinking or seeing or smelling, you tell your brain to produce drugs that make you feel good.