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Good tip. I got SCREWED on state taxes one year because of too little withholding.

Now I claim 0/0, plus have an extra $20 taken out per week just to make sure I don't owe, or owe a little as possible. Even when I've only worked one job I've done this, because you never know, honestly.


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"use a piece of wire to attach it under the vehicle, or somewhere inconspicuous."

He literally said "under the vehicle", not inside of it. If you have the battery on you (or even also attached somewhere), and the spare fob attached to the chassis somewhere, if you're locked out you can pull the spare fob out, put the battery in and be on your way.


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This is what I do - I label all the full sized candy bars and goodie bags (for the little kids) that I have to give out, and then at the end of the night, I subtract what (if anything) is left, and I have my number!

This year I started with 48 goodie bags and 133 full sized bars. I'm guesstimating that I'm 80% through them all ... so far.