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who do you listen to that the history of homosexuality is even slightly debatable?

The cross-dressing is not easy to identify with sexuality, individual cases might be, but there are numerous examples of straight cross-dressing, particularly for women to fit into a male role.

However that doesn't diminish the existence of non-binary, non-hetero sexual people throughout history. There are plenty of records of non-hetero people.

What is likely to be true is that the per-capita numbers of non-hetero sexual people has increased. Why that is one can only speculate.


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well, it has been the consensus among ethnologists, historians and sociologists that the America's population of North, Central and South, were "only a few millions of people" when Columbus and de Leon explored the hemisphere.

Since the 70s or 80s this has been challenged, although not without remaining doubt, that the population was actually in the hundreds of millions.

So, yes, "old notion" is perfectly correct. Sometimes truth is both sensationalist click bait and factual reporting.