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PSA Anyone knocking on your door after a heavy storm to see if you have roof damage is trying to take your homeowners insurance for a ride. Let them look, then tell them you'll think about it. When they inevitably find "catastrophic damage", call someone you trust for a second opinion.


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I'm a bit high and was wondering "when did folk lay minefields in Pittsburgh?", then realized you probably meant coal mines and the such.

Though it would be good advice to to stay out of minefields in general I guess, so either way.


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As critical of the nationwide culture of policing that I am, I have to agree with you. PPD has come forward leaps and bounds from where they were in the "task force" era.

While officers such as Amel that were allowed to continue being shitbags speaks to how far they still have to go, I'm not going to allow perfection to get in the way of huge progress. The surrounding boroughs on the other hand still seem to have a lot of the sturmgewehr "punisher" types.


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It is probably legal for them to request a change in terms of the contract, but you are under no obligation to sign the new one. They do have the leverage of outright dismissing you. Depending on your work history over the past 15 months, that leverage becomes nearly null if you're financially eligible for unemployment. Basically of you've worked the entire past year (for any combination of employers, and made >$600 from this one). The actual rules are less ballparked than that, but check the FAQ on the DoL website to make sure.

Changing the contract benefits only the employer in this case. They want you to work an extra eight hours weekly for the same paycheck. There's honestly zero incentive for you to sign this new contract.

I would start looking for a new job regardless, they seem scummy.