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I came here to point this out, what a great site, and sooooo cool to see an idea I have had since a kid (I am 43 now) coming to life. You could do this with any weighted objected honestly, could be dirt in a giant bucket or such, and then hoist it back with purely renewable (sun/wind/etc). I would have never thought any country would bother though.


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If your rain gutters didn't set at the correct angle, water will build up and sit in certain areas instead of having consistent angles that system uses to keep the flow of water moving towards the ground. If instead of horizontal, or slightly angled, imagine if right in the middle it sagged, that is where the water will sit until there is enough water to over come that barrier, but there will still be water that cannot be pushed out and will set there.


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Ahhh. Yeah... I am colorblind... didn't realize. Thanks for pointing that out. Feel like a buffoon. Idk how but I have a hard time with purple and green and the darker it is the harder it is to tell.

Anyway thank you for telling me.

Edit: If I shut off my blue filter I can tell the difference. Not a ton, but yeah the blue filter isn't helping in that sense. Mentally noted.


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And fttn can be shitty as cable. Souce: I have casair fiber to the home that fucks up more than when I had spectrum cable. Inconsistent as all fuck. Uptime, latency, speed (especially upload).

I pay for 1000/1000 symmetric and it is anything but...

Bonus is every time I call them they cannot figure out why.


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More like you want to stay here, we get paid or you can fuck off.

I would worry more about your life at this point Sam. Some people will not play nice when they lose that kind of money, and you're hiding out in country where it's real real easy to find you and make you go for a walk.

You can kill someone and get out in 4 years, like brutal ass murder (happened to my father in law), but you rob a bank and you're goddamn done when they catch you.


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Serotonin cannot cross the blood brain barrier either, so what is made in the body is used there, and what's made in the brain is used only there, which adds more pieces. It is good that we have some confirmation on one part though.


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If your body doesn't have a proper amount of the materials required to create serotonin will the body limit its release? If so that would be a symptom, but if the body has all it needs and still didn't release much then it would be the cause. Then I wonder how do you figure that out even...