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The ability to accurately model proteins without X-ray crystallography would be massive for the pharmaceutical industry. Being able to model a whole cell would be another lightyear leap. For drug development it would be absolutely revolutionary.


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Very affordable vs gas, maintenance, and carrying insurance. Never any big surprises like, “My transmission needs to be repaired and it’ll cost 3000 euros. If you can live life using only public transport and don’t have to own a car at all that is huge cost savings.


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Correct. Turkey is a key ally. It’s not like NATO admits new member all the time. Sweden and Finland are important additions to the alliance. Once Ukraine is in, then the rest of nato is free to extract concessions from Turkey whenever the occasion arises.

Edit: I deem it unlikely erdogan survives their currency crisis anyways.


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Manufacturing meat in the way that I laid out would definitely be more environmentally friendly in the long run. I'm not opposed to meat grown in large cell cultures either, I just have doubts that researchers will be able to replicate the taste and texture of an actual muscle from an animal.


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Just wanted to raise the scenario. It's something that people are actually working on. It is a bit of nightmare fuel yes, but definitely less cruel than factory farms. I understand how the imagery can make people squeamish, but most people have never butchered and plucked a chicken before or dressed a dear. They just buy their meat in a nice neat little package from the store and don't really want to know more than that.