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One of my brothers managed to convince Kaiser to fix his deviated septum and now he sleeps better but yeah, a lot more people come to doctors with sleep apnea even after surgery and most kind of look down on it as a treatment for sleep apnea.


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Like someone else wrote, try another mask. I tried a bunch but settled on the dream ware nasal pillow. Seems to work very well. Also i would avoid CPAPs from Philips assuming they haven't improved from the system one.


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I have Kaiser. They don't do that, they give you a CPAP and forget about you. Their official stance is the surgery doesn't help, though they are all about saving costs.. I do have a pretty bad deviated septum. Maybe I'll switch providers and find someone who will address that or other issues i might have.


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When i got mty CPAP, there were 100 people in the room receiving theirs as well. Most were obese but I've always been skinny. A doctor announced that everyone needs to lose weight. I can't really do that. It has dramatically improved my life since and my career and personal life soared in my mid 30s. It changed my life but i had a bunch of questions. Why didn't I address this sooner. And why did i have it if I'm not overweight? I dug in and it turns out for most people who aren't overwhelmed with sleep apnea, sleep apnea is genetic. I had my brother tested and he has sleep apnea. Father refuses to get tested. I'm the only one in the family treated for it.

Looking back I remember friends talking about me, saying i had brain damage, they also hit me with pillows when i snored.... Little did everyone know.


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It's terrible if you want to see google broken up because it reinforces the fact that Google isn't a monopoly. Anyone can put up a website and compete. TikTok did this and has done well. Despite their evil monopoly, Google Plus didn't happen. On and on and on. You want a monopoly, look at Comcast or most American ISPs. Google actively fights them with Google fiber. The monopoly push against Google will fail unless the laws are rewritten to target Google. The only arguments we have so far are emotional "DAE GOOGLR EVIL" diatribes. No mention of Comcast and friends.