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What? No. My wife is the source of everything good in my life. I started dating her 15 years ago yesterday and that's the dividing point in my life where everything started to get better. She's kind, she's compassionate, she's the best therapist I could ask for. She's beautiful, she has striking blue-green eyes, a little nose, and skin so clear that people assume her pictures are photoshopped. When she is in the room, there isnt anything else around, there is only Her. She's completely uninhibited in bed, and the only times we aren't trying to undress each other after going to bed is when we're recovering from the last time we undressed each other.

I'll never stray from her, there is no other woman who can give me what she has. Since I've been married to her my life has felt like a fantasy, some wonderful dream that I'm worried I will wake up from. I don't deserve someone so wonderful, but she loves me and I will make sure every moment I can to be good enough for her.


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There's a woman I've known since 2002. She changed my life for the better.

Because she helped me so much, for a long time I didn't see the red flags. After a while I noticed that she only wanted me around when I'd found someone else. I met my wife in 2007, and my wife is 200% amazing, loving, caring, beautiful, and this goofy woman I met in 2002 was hysterically trying to get herself involved... always needing my help with little repairs around her house, always trying to be close. When I finally made up my mind to just cut this woman out of my life, everything got better. It took a while to get her out of my head. Having a lovely, supporting wife made all the difference.


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I have a big brushless DC motor from an electric lawnmower that is begging to be put on something. I've got the controller figured out, but then I look online and see people building these battery packs by spot welding tons of cells together that they've taken out of discarded laptops or whatever, and I just lose motivation.