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Congrats you fell for capitalist propaganda. Governments can actually be extremely effective, especially when compared to the "market" look at the operating cost of private insurance vs how medicaid operates internally speaking. Where do you see industry absolutely crushing it? Because I see it no where, theyre all too self serving and forced to show immediate growth or theyre removed from power causing long term planning to be impossible. Please, educate yourself.


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As these tools make themselves more present in the everyday life of people we will see a rise in a sort of intellectual atrophy. AI would do the thinking for most people, AI will take the decision for most people, AI will direct a vast portion of the population into a sort of conveyor belt humans, same ideas, same words, same goals, and so on.


this wildly overestimates how much "thinking" the average person does today. Most people, yourself included, are so on autopilot we barely take in any new information. This is not a concern. Why would people lose their curiosity anymore so than they already have?


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Reply to comment by Zer0D0wn83 in 1X's AI robot 'NEO' by Rhaegar003

I agree to a degree but even if they're not replaced the amount of man power needed per job will go down. If you're already a small-scale operation or you run a bunch of individual contractors that may not impact you but for larger-scale jobs it will displace a lot of people already with hours that will then be taking up any open slots.


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No one knows if you made the right choice but you are thinking ahead and not getting stuck by fear so kudos to you for that. Seems like you've got a calm approach to this which is probably going to be one of the biggest assets going forward.


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>And Xi Jinping's Government knows this. It sees AI as an economic game-changer, something that will "profoundly change human social life and the world".
>"By 2030, we shall make artificial intelligence theory, technology, and application at the world's leading level," the Chinese Government said in its top-level AI plan.


this was 2018. Xi ordered a politubro study on how China could pursue leadership in AI and has been focusing on it since.


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I work in TV. Transcription gone, assistant editors mostly gone, the people who did our translations are gone, the people who used to shoot our interview backgrounds or location previews are gone, itssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss a wrap baby. This is just the start. I see less than 10 years, maybe 5 for my career. LEss than 10 left for most editors professionally.


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It should NOT be celebrated like no mans sky is. I am a fan of the game and dont think it should be like banned from all conversation or anything but its absurd to compare it. They canceled multiplayer totally. They are not working until the game that was promised, they arent even updating the fucking police until the paid expac, theyre just making it good enough to get people to buy a second.