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Seems like a private document that shouldn’t be allowed to be sold unless the seller can establish Sadat gave it to someone and said it was okay to sell it.

I get that’s he is (was) a public figure but that’s still a private document. I’d feel the same way about a birth certificate or medical records or an old driver’s license or whatever.

Seems like the only way it could come into someone other than the family’s possession is through nefarious means or accidental loss.


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Huh. DTE’s outage map show fewer than 100k. Plus, it shows my neighborhood as being off and we never lost power so it seems like their map is an overestimate. (Except for flickering.)

Edit: never mind. DTE says 50k+ but when I click on it, it says 250k. 😖


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It’s not just “authoritarian parents” sending their kids to these places. These are desperate parents who don’t know how to help their troubled kids.

The problem is, these places sweet talk them into being whatever the parents want to see. There’s hippy dippy ones too. They can be just as dangerous and damaging to the kids locked up in them.

These are money making ventures. They prey on vulnerable parents just as much as they prey on vulnerable kids. (And they prey on those parents’ insurance companies.)


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Okay, even as a racist, what’s the point? Is it supposed to instill fear? Is it like giving someone the middle finger? Is it amusing to try to get away with something that’s not socially acceptable?

I seriously don’t get it. 🤷🏻‍♀️