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I was in middle school less than 20 miles from TMI when it occurred, so too young to really understand what was going on.

I recently watched the Netflix TMI documentary, and my initial reaction was that it seemed slanted towards a anti-nucular viewpoint. But the Wikipedia account of what happened in 1979 seems pretty close to the Netflix version.


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That's the crux of it. Where does the weed tax money get allocated? PA has more miles of roads than all of New England combined.

I've got nothing against legalization, but a big portion of that tax revenue has to be allocated to mundane infrastructure costs, at least if one considers it an alternative to gas taxes.


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It was a bigger deal with NCAA athletes, where the argument was they were already being compensated via scholarships.

I was glad to see that flipped - students with art scholarships could sell their art, but OSU athletes couldn't trade autographs for free tattoos?

I didn't realize it was even a thing with high school athletes, but my stance is the same - athletic associations should not interfere with athlete's personal (and legal) doings off the field.


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>Regarding long wait times, L&I has taken many steps since the start of the pandemic to meet demand and improve the UC system. These include:

>Hiring staff

>UC claims are processed by staff in interviewer and examiner roles. Currently, in total, the department has 619 individuals in these roles. About 80 of these individuals are new hires within the past few months, and efforts to hire additional UC staff are ongoing.

Seems like a good "one stone, two birds" approach 😀 press 1 to apply for UC benefits, press 2 to apply for a job here...


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I grew up in Allentown in the 70s, I've lived in Philly, and attended college in Pittsburgh. Spent the first 25 years of my career in Harrisburg.

I find it insulting that you are shitting on most of the state.

Perhaps that's your intent to get upvotes here. But grow up. PA is an awesome state, it's not just Philly or Pittsburgh.


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Even an "invited guest"? Which seems to me like the case here.

I had a friend break a leg at my property while helping me do some work. My USAA homeowners policy paid them (actually overpaid above and beyond my liability, then tried to recoup the overpayment).