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These trucks tend to run basically 24/7 though. It's not like they run them for 8 hours and close down for the night.

It's a cool idea but it seems like it's not really going to work. The reason they have trucks so massive is to increase throughput, without buying more trucks.

I'm not sure they'd want to buy extra trucks to sit idle.

I feel like figuring out some sort of easy way to run them off of electrified tracks would make more sense.


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A baton is no different from a bat. A single 'crowd control' swing is lethal force when it's aimed at a head which would be likely here if it was only one swing.

But it's still deflecting.

Using passive voice on this is trying to control the narrative and make it seem like an unfortunate accident instead of an intentional act by the police leading to death


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That's been the MO for a plenty of other States or cities as well. California, Washington D.C. and Chicago have done similar things for decades. Fight it up right until they can't appeal anymore (enforcing it the entire time) and then drop it before a binding ruling can be made, only to enact a new law accomplishing basically the exact same thing but which is written just differently enough from the last so it's not immediately tossed again and then rinse and repeat.