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In a sense they were hosed due to unreasonable demands. The issue isn't the original post, its your interpretation. Also the story is not about turkey getting hosed. If that were the case id agree with you. The point of the story is that turkey will cause you to have an issue then blame you for it. if you miss the point of the story then it would be understandable getting stuck on details.


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It isn't, your peanut size brain doesn't have the ability to recognize irrelevant information. The US did deny their request which led to them being angry and buying the s400. Thats a fact. Whether they offered alternatives is irrelevant. I qualify for mental gymnastics, you qualify for special Olympics.


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That wasn't context, that was a minor detail that's not relevant to the point of the story. You are missing the point and focusing on a minor detail that ultimately doesn't matter. Who cares how the deal unfolded between turkey and the US, the end result is the same. You have to ask your self if that minor detail had been specified would that have changed the point of the story in any way? If the answer is no, the detail specified is unnecessary.


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Except this topic has to do with Greece and the s300. What you said above is a case of what about ism. Two wrongs don't make a right. Mistakes on the European unions part do not justify wrong doings by turkey nor is a license to engage in bad behavior. There is a such thing as leading by example, turkey chooses to go low instead of high.


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Why would they, all they do is threaten other nato allies and surrounding countries. They've been getting involved in middle east, europe and africa when they are not a super power even though they think they are. Also turkey plays both sides, who knows what they will sell russia. Not a reliable ally and i would argue they are not an ally at all. Take away access to the bosphorus straits and all they are, are a liability.


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Funny story about how this russian s-300 came about in Greece. Cyprus originally purchased it from Russia to bolster its air defense. Of course Turkey threw an epic bitch fit and threatened war and instability on the island. With pressure from US Cyprus gives it to Greece since Greece is Cyprus's closest ally. Greece stations it in Crete with the blessing of the US. This was a solution to appease Turkey. Turkey tries to purchase patriot missile system from the USA but is denied. Turkey throws tantrum and decides to buy s-400 from russia out of spite and despite being a nato ally. The U.S kicks them out of F-35 Jet program. Turkey throws another bitch fit about "why doesn't Greece get kicked out" since "they have a S-300". The S-300 Greece has mostly because of Turkey in the first place. Most European countries would be embarrassed to conduct them selves in the same manner Turkey has. Turkey however has no shame.