IkeKaveladze t1_iuk89js wrote

Am I the only one who feels that in this day and age, the oppressive governments in this world are way more advanced than the oppressed?

Watching Hong Kong, Russia, China, and Iran over the the last few years.. the tools their governments have to control and punish the people while masking the truth is shockingly effective. Facial recognition, blocking words completely from their own versions of internet/social media/traditional media, turning on and off the internet like.. with the flip of a switch, apps on phones, tracking of all data and communication, GPS and mobile phone towers, advanced anti-protest weapons/tools/tactics. You cannot even have centralized leadership anymore. They are disappeared before they can even get in front of the lectern.

I fear that as time goes on not only will oppressive governments find ways to stomp on the throat of dissent but will kill it before it can take root through social media, government controlled media, and unrelenting exposure to misinformation.