Ikea_Man t1_jc82ryc wrote

could probably revise to: "should be able to do what i want with my body as long as it doesn't affect anyone". killing yourself to avoid an illness doesn't affect anyone

>I don’t support the idea that suicide should be legal more broadly.

well that industry is thriving with or without the legality of the act really being involved.

should just give people more options so it's a bit more dignified


Ikea_Man t1_j4vbc8z wrote

i think it's slowly changing as an older millennial in corporate management

people in 20s - 30s are really bucking the "everything for the company" mentality trend that older generations instilled in themselves. no more bragging about not taking sick time, no more loyalty to companies (aka jumping around for raises)

workers not putting up with things as much, noticing how shitty the system is, almost like people are waking up a little

honestly think the main thing that needs to change is that the 60+ crowd needs to die off and let the next gen move in. values are different and i think will lead to a better workforce