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Just reminds me I need to take a few pics of my parent's cat. That fat little sob has been around for a decade already, and he is awesome. He's a cat that gets let outside, and the neighbors absolutely love seeing him around!


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How long is "not long"? I would talk to the neighbors, to see what generally happens in the neighborhood. Some towns and neighborhoods rarely go down. Some go down at the first snowflake. Get an idea from a few neighbors of how often it goes out. Also, for how long.

Depending on the answers, other posters have offered a range of levels for how bad it will be, and good things to do for that.

At the least, making sure you have things charged up, and maybe a spare battery or backup to charge from can come in handy. Some non perishable food, extra ice in the fridge and freezer for down time, stocking water are reasonable.

I also keep a few good candles around. It's enough to heat a can of soup lol.