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So, what would you say to the holocaust survivors who argued for veganism because of the similarities of animal agriculture to the holocaust? For example, books of survivors described the animal agriculture industry as an "eternal treblinka."

How about we go by the objective merits of comparisons/contrasts rather than appealing to emotion to dilute the horrors of the animal ag industry?

The animal ag industry by act IS slavery. The animal ag industry IS by definition a holocaust.

We don't diminish the horrors of The Holocaust by recognizing the suffering that animals go through.

Nearly a trillion animals each year endure a death of suffocation, throat slitting, gas chambers, etc. 1 God damn trillion. That means more animals endure a horrific death annually than nearly 10 times the amount of humans that EVER existed.

The question isn't "can they reason" but "can they suffer" and that is a resounding YES. 1 trillion of them can suffer, and the majority do so. In our capacity to suffer, a cow is a pig is a dog is a boy.

1 trillion beings, annually. Do ypu actually think you can comprehend the objective suffering going on there? I can't.

I'm tired of hearing "you can't compare it to this" when the only reason is the human ego. The numbers aren't on your side to say that.


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Our morality shouldn't be based off of what happens in nature. We are not wild animals and can act on our moral agency and logic rather than needlessly harming animals when we sony have to.

If being anti animal abuse is zealous, consider me a zealot. What's that make you?


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Let's strongman your "plants feel pain" claim. Then we better go vegan since animal livestock are fed plants, and we could reduce overall plant losses by eating plants directly rather than filtering them through an animal.

That being said, a plant is not sentient. Stabbing a dog and cutting a carrot are not equivalent and if you think they are you need some help.


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Humans will look back on animal agriculture with the same disgust that we look back on the slave trade. Worrying about welfare is a step, but surely a high welfare slave is still a slave.

These animals are sentient beings who don't deserve to be subjugated for the taste preferences of another species.