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I've never been there and I don't know anyone from there. I think of it as more of a Great Lakes city like Cleveland, Toledo, etc. (though I haven't really been to those cities besides briefly passing through on the way to Chicago). I am a bit familiar with the Indiana lakefront so I guess it's similar to that. Presque Isle seems like a cool place to visit.


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How are they a right wing organization? They sued Florida for the "stop woke act," advocated for a student whose school denied recognition for his club because it supported universal healthcare, and advocated for a Stanford student whose diploma was put on hold after he satirized the Federalist society and Republicans.


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Sure, but that's only because the number of hunters is low compared to the general population. Everyone living off of hunted deer wouldn't be sustainable.


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This was partly due to poor strategy on the Democrats' part. Austin Davis and Summer Lee simultaneously ran for higher office and the state house, won both, and now have to vacate their seat in the state house. If they had chosen just one office to run for, the House would have been 101-101 at this point.

However, I still question the ability of Republicans to pass their amendments. They cannot afford any defections, assuming that all 99 Democrats stay united, and I think there may be a few Republicans in the Philly suburbs who are unwilling to support these amendments.