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Yep that's the typical ignorant response. Just build high density housing everywhere you look.... like New Jersey already is in full of high density housing, cities and warehouses. Like we don't clear cut enough forest s. And the more high density housing you build the more schools you need the more taxes go up. It makes my eyes bleed reading ignorant s*** like that in a post about why our taxes so high... Oh because of schools. Why not have the whole damn state look like one big Walmart parking lot with every single bit of green space annihilated for high density housing.


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I completely agree with the harsher finds but it'll never happen cuz people will be crying it's mean. My relatives were dirt poor when they came over here from Europe they had nothing lived in some walk up horrible apartment. You could eat dinner off the streets that's how spotless those neighborhoods were as people took pride in keeping it clean.

Loving the down votes because I think people who later are scumbags and because I think Murphy along with every other single governor in the state is a moron. Lmao.


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No, It's not as simple as that. All the trash I saw was on the State highways and on the ramps It was horrendous and still is in certain parts of the state. No one should be pulling over to pick that crap up. Also there's just not enough trash cans on other streets to pick up someone's filth. Like others have said the answer is not to tell someone you pick it up even though it's a good thought It's to make those penalties for dropping litter extremely high which of course will never happen in this state or put money aside for the budget to have workers pick that up They actually do that in New Brunswick New Jersey.


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No one should have to pick up the litter that some scumbags throw on a highway First of all it's not safe second of all the most littered area are the ramps coming off of highway or on a highway. To tell someone why don't you just pull over and get out of your car and pick up that filth is ridiculous. Phil Murphy that moron along with all the other morons who were governors should be addressing this because it's getting worse and worse.


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Exactly the nightmare that is new construction Ryan a nightmare. Cheap new build garbage home with the cheapest materials and they bid out to the lowest bidder They don't care if they've only been in construction for 5 minutes. What we saw going on in a development being built by them not far from here I wish I could have put up a billboard to warn people


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It is so damn sad that used to be such a beautiful beautiful town with so much greenery so many trees. It's disgusting with this state allows in regards to over-development and that goes for the warehouses and the way our constitution is written to allow developers to just destroy everything in their path. Lakewood just takes it up a notch.


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Embarrassing reading those ignorant comments. I'm a liberal who believes that thieves rapists murders whoever the f*** they are who has the audacity to enter your home .. gets what's coming to them. As a woman if I woke up to someone in my home I swear to God I would drop dead from fear. I don't have a gun but I think about this.

Also stealing someone's car who needs that car to go to work there's plenty of people who live in places without mass transit.... F*** those scumbags.

Looking forward to being spammed with move to Florida by this idiot.


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We just went to a local one down in South Jersey and it was awesome for the second time. That being said the one in Edison and surrounding areas were a nightmare times a billion We have since moved from that area...


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I do not live in the city I live in New Jersey. Kind of in the country. But I've lived here in this area all my life. I come in constantly for dinner shows and then more dinners etc. I have friends who work in the city and live there as well. I don't think I should have to ever say for the first time in my life I don't feel safe on the subway and for the first time in my girlfriend's life she was assaulted. The answer is not telling her don't work here or telling me don't come here.


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I don't think that would ever happen. This is not 1898.

I say think.. so I'm not pretending I know otherwise.

Just getting tired of being afraid. I was on the subway and somebody got on.. sat behind me started screaming at me.ans getting close. I swear to God I felt like punching them. I was able to just get up and move to the next car.


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For the record when I say girlfriend... This is my friend not that it matters.

No, They are not punished. They are out walking the streets with everyone else and don't give a s*** about a record or being arrested or paying a fine. They don't f****** care because they are mentally ill.. They don't have a job They don't have a home They live in an alternate universe. So it's not a matter of not caring... it's because they are mentally ill and thinking the norms that shape and affect and guide us... it is meaningless.

I have a family member who is bipolar. There are times when he has to be committed against his will to get him back on his medication regime before he hurts himself or others. Maybe you should go rescue him from the horrible people that we are.


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As someone who lived in the Metuchen area for over 20 years don't listen to anyone telling you that that's a good spot to live It's a tiny little dot surrounded by a pretty depressing place called Edison. Also you'll be going with traffic on 287 to get to Raritan and is someone who had to live that It is a freaking nightmare. If you're working in Raritan ... Somerville all the way. They're downtown revival is stunning filled with restaurants and beauty. Metuchen's downtown is incredibly tiny... Consisting of pizza places nail salons and a whole foods. Maybe a restaurant here and there.

Morristown is utterly beautiful as well along the lines of Summerville but Jesus Christ be prepared for sticker shock and that will be a hell of a long drive to Raritan in traffic unless you are basically only going to the office once or twice a week.

Edison is a suburban depressing hell hole that I would stay far away from.

Yes I lived there. I counted the days until I could get out