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Automation of labor destroys the dogma that you need to work to have the right for a decent living. It will completely change our culture. Look at the Zoomers, they think leisure is more important than work. Now imagine generation Alpha...IMO our global culture will be completely different by 2050.


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>So obviously in hunter gatherers societies, some were better than others in their job

Sorry, but any serious studies of hunting-gathering tribes shows that the premises of your statement are wrong. First of all, hunting game was a team job, second it only amounted for roughly 10% of the tribes meat intake (fishing and trapping small prey was more the norm), and third, there was no "performance" grading ins such activity. You were part of the tribe or you were not. That was their only metric. Also, the one who did the best during the hunt got to distribute the meat, and served himself last. Caring for the weakest is actually a fundamental human trait. Our culture today was unfortunately built by sociopath.


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We don't need "infinite resources" for that. We just need better resource management, something Americans are terrible at, that's why they consume so much more and enjoy so much less (healthcare, education, energy, housing...) this is why culture is important, for it teaches you how to optimize what you already have. Also, stop making children I guess ?