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I really appreciate the honesty but where else could I go? We live in a small town of 10,000 and we have shootings that happen in broad daylight, plenty of SA cases that roll around every week, and plenty of drugs and I know this because I work at the hospital and see it.

There’s no rentals here or in any nearby towns and it’s minimum wage or they pay you less because legally they get away with it. So if not Springfield then where else?


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I’ve actually been seeing some decent rental homes for $995! Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be available when it comes time to move but I thought I’d scoop out the market ahead of time (I have a cat and dog and wanted to know how pet friendly rentals were), me and my sister plan to split half the bills (she’ll be responsible for trash, I’ll pay WiFi)

It’s so relieving to hear though that getting $15-$18 an hour is possible there. Making over minimum wage were we live is exclusive to factory work so I was a little nervous that we’d be scraping by at $11-$12 an hour

Thank you so much for your insight!