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Exactly - every prosecutor across the country every day makes those choices. That's why they plea cases down. It takes a lot of effort to go to a jury trial. If the defendant has a competent lawyer, it takes much much more effort. If the defendant will have a team of lawyers to stall at every takes that much more.

>so it feels disingenuous to blame this development

I'm not being disingenuous at all, nor blaming anything. I'm pointing out that Bragg has limited resources for a "novel legal theory" against a man with an army of lawyers. There is a good chance that if this prosecution goes forward, it could take literal years and could result in an acquittal.

I've not heard a single legal pundit say this a good case. With all that - is the potential juice worth the monumental squeeze?

What else could a team of four or five lawyers pursue over the course of 2-6 years aside from this? That's the tradeoff.


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Um....that's a weird question, and the answer is so obvious that I'm not sure where to start.

If Bragg's office prosecutes Trump, there will be other crimes they can't prosecute. Bragg's office - like every organization on Earth - has a finite set of resources to use.

If he prosecutes Trump, that prosecution will use way up more resources than the average case. Again, because the resources of the New York DAs office is finite, there will be choices that have to be made as to what to let go and not pursue for lack of resources. They make that choice today.

So, yes, if Bragg prosecutes Trump there will be other cases which can't be prosecuted.

Do you not understand that intuitively without that explanation?


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> have you heard of ADA’s.

Of course, and I don't think anyone thinks it's Bragg that's prosecuting every case himself. You're aware that the DAs office has finite resources, and because those resources are finite they can't prosecute all crime. That's why they have to make deals like offering a lesser charge to get some kind of conviction.

If this moves forward it will be a big use of those finite resources. Surely you understand that prosecuting Trump means those resources aren't prosecuting other crimes.


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I'm not presently a NYC resident, but I was when the hush money payment occurred.

I don't have a valid opinion on whether or not Bragg should do this, as he doesn't work for me. If you live in NYC presently, is this endeavor worth the resources that will go into it considering the alternatives - such as prosecuting other crimes, especially violent crime?


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In the early summer of 2020, there was nothing to do because everything was shut down. The weather across the country was really amazing (warm, not hot, low humidity). It was an election year with half the country pissed off about Trump being President and at the prospect of 4 more years of him. The media actively encouraged people to protest. Those confluence of factors lead to what we had at that time.