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They can. I forget what the substance its called but they know how to induce arthritis and whatever they want basically. The arthritis one is like harvested exterior yeast cell walls harvested to make a product that somehow induces arthritis. It all gets way more in depth than we think about, but they know how to coax cancer 100%. Probably know a lot of good ways to reverse it too but that’s not as fun or profitable


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I’m talking about CBD. Look man your name checks out and I don’t really feel the need to further try to convince you of what I know full well. I question more why the apprehensiveness to believe CBD is medicinal when you’ve apparently never worked with it


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You should start working with cannabinoids and watch cancer patients get immediate relief, sleep and appetite that bedside tables full of typical pharmaceuticals weren’t providing. I’ve watched it multiple times. The studies support jt and I’ve watched it work it person. Its so versatile and medicinal that doubting it is just strange.


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Easy on the pseudoscience. There’s a lot of lobbying against natural medicines to keep you thinking it’s pseudoscience, even though they synthesize most of their approved medications off of plants or other biological sources found in nature. There’s so much working against cannabis right now that you can not expect them to come out ranting and raving about the efficacy of cannabinoids against various ailments after demonizing and jailing citizens over the plant for the last 80 years.


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And what exactly is a red flag about coming at pharmaceutical companies? Are you not able to look around and see the corruption or?

And if you need further proof, look into Epidiolex, the pharmaceutical version of CBD isolate for controlling seizure activity. You’ll notice their dosing starts at 10mg a day working up to 1000mg a day over time. Taking low doses of CBD for real ailments won’t do anything, the medicine needs to be made correctly and dosed correctly. You can look up the government patent on CBD and think for yourself why they would make their own medicine out of it if it’s so useless. Atleast 50% of FDA approved pharms are plant derivatives this isn’t magic hippy BS, isolating compounds from plants for medicinal use is common practice . It’s just the start as well, more will become public Knowledge as time goes on. Or they’ll finally admit it’s highly medicinal, patent it, and try to take away our right to grow it. Dronabinol and Naboline are two other cannabinoids that have been isolated for use specifically in cancer treatment side effects. It’s medicine


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CBD is incredibly versatile, it’s patented by the US government as a neuroprotectant. Right now the CBD market is a mess and the public severely misunderstands cannabinoids so it gets taken advantage of and earned a snake oil reputation.

Right now it’s all diluted low quality CBD getting sold at below efficacious doses with no instruction. Typical CBD dosing is at the very least 100mg a day of real quality full spectrum oil or isolate for months on end, and that really is on the low side of dosing. CBD is real medicine along with CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids. Then terpenes are their own subset with various medicinal properties within each. We shouldn’t vilify real medicine out of existence due to lack of understanding and experience that’s exactly what the pharmaceutical industry wants


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Right, the only reason they’re taking so long is to workout patents and direct the major routes of income directly into their own pockets, not making sure they can help the people out. Nobody should be blindly excited about legalization, there’s a lot of corruption going on behind the scenes and if they ever do go to Schedule II or patent cannabinoids and terpenes and claim they DO have medicinal value, then things will be even worse. We need to be fighting for deregulation of the plant entirely