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Something has changed or more so it has already , rent is higher, poverty is more so than when I grew up and we do have problems when it comes to living situations. It can be a struggle at times, There is no denying that. Still, I do appreciate that I am here.


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Born and raised here for many years, I’m a huge fan of the state while again it’s not perfect or insanely better than other states or liberal run states and I agree it could be better, anywhere could be better. I appreciate rhode Island for what it is. Pros and cons.


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I don’t know if you mind but I listen to a lot of crime podcasts and they do a lot of advocacy work and I’ve heard only a small few (maybe like 4 cases) involving a murder or cold case in Rhode Island but there is this one and it’s this podcast called crime junkie, I’m a pretty avid fan and they do cover cases sent in. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of them but I’m all in favor of getting justice for crimes like these and I’d totally would email them and message them about this. Any awareness is good awareness and hearing story after story I can only imagine show frustrating it is not to see justice


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I am talking about events on a much larger scale compared to isolated ones. Either way regardless of this post and it’s comments I’m really sorry you went through that man and that this state and it’s police failed you. I’ve never went though a traumatic family event like that so I do not know how it feels and I also hope it never happens to me either but I’m aware it could happen , doesn’t mean I am prepared. No one is. I hope you are healing and are in a better place from then though.