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No edits - but to clarify - I’m critical of the greenwashing taking place by many firms, of which I suspect hedge funds and other non-bank market participants of facilitating. Mentally, I put firms like Blackrock in this bucket as they tend to skirt regulation by their nature as a non-bank. Moreover, they are American and not European, and I know how little US regulators are pushing the climate agenda in comparison to the EU.


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I'll add some more backstory based on what I know. After Hurricane Sandy, the city "cracked down" on trees. Meaning, the quality / grade of trees and the requirements for how they are planted increased in standards to provide for a safer situation. To buy a cost of a proper grade tree costs $1200-1800 based on variety, and then planting location, proximity to utilities or other landmarks, etc. all became much more important in context of extreme weather.

This is why I have a "nature" based approach to simply letting trees grow if the city won't plant. Problem sort of solves itself.