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Well, I'm mainly thinking about updates that patch known vulnerabilities. Android phones kinda leave you hanging in the wind for a while after the first year. Indefinitely, after 2 or 3 years. The iPhone 6s was supported for seven years.

But no, they don't reinvent the wheel with each update. Why would they? My wife just got a Galaxy S22 and it got the Android 13 update her S10 didn't. It's the same thing. Granted, Android has a lot more customization, but Samsung's Android 13 update certainly fit the bill of "hardly does anything for the user interface" that you're trying to paint iPhone updates with.


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Reply to Weird iOS bug by Paranomac

Imagine thinking people will judge you for your carrier. What are you on, US Cellular? It doesn't matter, my dude. No one cares.

Rotation bug with the status bar. Been around for a few major versions (it was in iOS 15, maybe 14 as well). Usually harmless. Though, I usually see it go down the right side.


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/r/MarvisApp. Pro mode for Apple Music. Customize metadata in lists (playlist, album list) and mini player/full screen player; also, smart rules to whittle down lists. So basically what you do is, you make a section for all the songs in your library (boring) and then you use rules to make a smart playlist that changes dynamically.

$8 USD, one time fee (also has a $5 add-on, but I don't need/use it).