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> I think he was honestly shocked that he won and quickly found out how in over his head he was. I think he's realizing that he's not up to the enormous responsibilities his position holds which contributed to his depression. I wish him well but what happens next if he needs to step down?

OR you're vastly misinformed and clinical depression is a very common after effect of a stroke and he's trying to treat that.


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> Detective Timothy Fink told the outlet that Deborah wrote about not wanting her daughter to die alone, and saying she was going to join her when she decided to end her life.

> The patriarch of the family, 62-year-old James Daub, had written a series of letters spanning a couple of days where he convinced himself he couldn’t live without his family, CBS21 reported.

God damn, this whole story is just so dark.

And I hope the dog ends up with a loving family.


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> Is that a thing? If I’m arrested, can I refuse a mugshot and fingerprinting?

I mean, you can. But there will be further repercussions, like contempt of court. It's state law that you have to be fingerprinted in 48 hours of being arrested for most offenses.