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I’m genuinely scared when I see this perspective about ‘outside actors’ being responsible for the GOP’s penchant for fascism. It’s a way to rationalize (self-delude) that there isn’t actually a faction of Americans who have these values.

It’s not Russia, it’s not the CCP. The rise of Christofascism is homegrown.


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You’ve been duped into believing the bullshit that Republican politics/‘values’ are actually meant to benefit “potential humans.” It would be amusing if it weren’t so tragic.

They don’t want people to have bodily autonomy. Women are the easy target for the GOP because there are already biases against women politically, socially, and culturally.


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That is a good pick.

I’ve said it in other discussions, but I feel like I’ve seen someone that would be perfect for BG. That was before I saw TG:M. I think Glen Powell would be a really good casting choice. But I still feel like there’s another actor that I’m associating very strongly with my concept of BG.


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Doesn’t seem like it. The article mentions:

> The Federal Communications Commission, which polices use of the sound to protect its integrity, now wants to fine the organization $504,000 – just as it did for Hollywood action film Olympus Has Fallen ($1.9 million, 2014) right down to Jimmy Kimmel Live ($395,000, 2019).


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Came here to post this and I’m glad to see it’s a reply to the top comment.

Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Avery Brooks, Christina Applegate, Elliot Gould, Bokeem Woodbine, Antonio Sabàto Jr., and China Chow.

EDIT: Well, it was the top comment when I started composing my reply. I had it as a draft for a while…


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I don’t think so. He still has a limited vocabulary, ‘dodges’ a very pointed question (avoids details, gives pretty much a canned response), and uses the idiom “holding in abeyance” improperly.

I would guess that he had it on his word of the day calendar, or it’s a term that he’s heard but doesn’t really know how to apply it.


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Aluminium follows the naming format of a lot of other post-transition metals.

We have Gallium, Germanium, Cadmium, Indium, etc. not Gallum, Germanum, Cadmum, Indum, etc.

Also, it was a British chemist who is credited as the person who named it. And it was originally proposed as alumium, which was criticized by other chemists from other countries who thought it should be named for the oxide alumina from which the metal would be isolated.

Anyway, it was also that same British chemist who used the spelling aluminum in a chemistry textbook.