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Cost of revenue contains costs that are directly needed to produce and distribute the product or service. For software companies, this contains for example server costs.

For an auto company that would contain the bill of material for the cars and the salaries of the manufacturing workers (but not the salaries of R&D engineers and management as they are not directly needed to produce the cars).


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I agree, bothers me too :D

It’s something I try to avoid somewhat when I create the diagram by controlling overall flow height and node positions on the canvas. I have not thought about it in terms of making changes to the algorithm until you mentioned it.


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I create them with SankeyArt, a tool I am developing. It has a spreadsheet input so you can prepare the data for the flow definition in Excel and then copy everything into SankeyArt.

I have never worked with Power BI. Does Power BI have integrations with other software? Maybe we can build a SankeyArt integration.