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At the moment, yeah - over the years it's been generally trending upwards, with every other generation gaining a year up to the 5. It's been a little less predictable lately, but still trending up - 5s and 7 got six years, 6 got five years, and 6s got seven years. Remains to be seen whether they'll keep going up in future - I wouldn't be shocked to see the A11 devices dropped this year, which would put them at six years, given how many features they've been left out of over the past few releases.

But also worth noting is the 5s and up are still getting security updates, which is pretty exceptional. That's over nine years of at least some support at this point.


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It’s because the Macro mode uses the ultrawide, which has autofocus on the 13 and 14 Pros. All other iPhones with ultrawide, it’s fixed focus. I think Apple absolutely should have put that autofocus ultrawide on the regular models, at least the one from the 13 Pro if they had to have another improvement for the 14 Pro, but given the hardware it does have there’s a legit reason why it lacks macro.


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I will be giving up my Mini when Apple releases a new one, when it dies/can't run apps I need anymore, or... maybe if something really mind-blowing comes along that I want enough to tolerate toting a brick around.

Ok that's an exaggeration but really, I love my Mini, it's the perfect size for me. If you like a smaller phone, it's a wonderful one.


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Yes, they’ve been pretty clear that there’ll be future models eventually. They’ve indicated that it’ll be quite a while before we see one with a different performance level, though, they’ve suggested the next model will focus on screen and battery life. Whether that’s a proper second gen (replacement at comparable price points) or more like the Switch OLED, a more premium model that slots in above the current ones, remains to be seen.


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It’s a very different colour than on mine! But actually, so are the greens, both in the chart and on the switch - they’re much darker than they appear on my devices. Weird.

Edit: actually the blues are also darker. The yellow up in the battery indicator are the same though.


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  • Dynamic Island instead of notch
  • 1-120Hz variable refresh rate vs fixed 60Hz
  • Always-on capability
  • Higher max brightness
  • marginally smaller bezels


  • Larger, 48 Megapixel main sensor vs 12 Megapixel (though still larger than the 13, same as the 13 Pro I believe)
  • 2x full 12MP zoom 'virtual sensor' using the central 12 MP of the main sensor
  • Better ultrawide sensor with autofocus and macro mode
  • 3x zoom sensor vs none
  • LiDAR sensor enabling night mode portraits
  • ProRAW


  • A16 chip vs A15 (but it is the one with 6GB of RAM and an additional GPU core from last year's Pros)
  • steel vs aluminium frame
  • matt back with glossy camera bump vs shiny back with matt camera bump
  • different colour options

I think that's more or less it.