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I just wrote about this on another post. I refuse to swerve into a utility pole or hit a parked car because of these idiots. I stay in my lane, slow or stop, and lean on the horn.


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50' WaterGuard drain where the floor meets the wall, sump pump, exterior drain and dry well 20' away from from the house and vinyl wall covering above the drain came to $6,000. I had water coming in from two corners. They spent nearly 3 hours jack hammering the basement floor. I also needed an electrician to run a dedicated 20 amp outlet to the pump, not included in the price.


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Yes they can, they just did my basement a few months ago. Started getting water more frequently over the last year or two to the point every time it rained I get some water from a couple different points. Our house is over 100 years old and has a fieldstone foundation. It wasn't cheap but the basement is nice and dry now. Good quality work too.


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The antenna has nothing to do with the signal being digital or analog; "digital" or "high definition" antennas are just marketing slogans. Reception quality would be based on antenna location (inside or outside), height above ground, distance to the station, any obstructions (building or hills) between the antenna and station and several other factors.


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Stay away from A Better Way in Naugatuck. They want $1,000 deposit to test drive a car. If it needs repairs they will promise to fix them, after you buy it. They give used car salesmen a bad name. There is a reason their car prices are lower then other dealers. Review of A Better Way