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No, of course not. Unsurprisingly the country that is both contractually and culturally limited in its military size and, different to eastern europe, has no big stockpiles of soviet weaponry (because we gave it to them decades ago), is not leading by GDP.

Still more than the US, UK, France, Italy and Spain tho.


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I used this:

#   geom_smooth(
#     method = "glm",
#     formula = y ~ x,
#     method.args = list(family = gaussian(link = 'log')),

is that not how to do a log-log-transformation in ggplot2? So far haven't worked with a lot of log-scaled data

EDIT: ah, seems to only log y. That explains the curvature.


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Not an expert: The balkans is an ethnic mess, where everyone hates everyone, that was kept together under Tito for decades. Tito dies in the 80's, the Serbs (biggest player in Yugoslavia) start treating the other ethnicities like shit, these break free (Bosnia, Croatia etc.). Kosovo (mostly albanians, at least in the west) breaks off Serbia officially in 2007, but Serbia ofc does not recognize this.

In the northeastern part of the territory held by Kosovo, there are many people that are ethnically serbs and are not in favor of the government. Over some number plate dispute, they started blocking roads with the rest of Kosovo. Serbia starts their propaganda machine, tensions run high. War still unlikely because of UN forces in the area and because Serbia wants to join the EU at some point.