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The leaf has always seemed so small to me, though it is 10inches shorter than a civic. I don't get why they're so.... aesthetically unappealing. That's just an opinion though. Same for the chevy bolt. Those EVs and the prius have similar looks and hatchback... the Teslas look more like a normal car like the civic or accord or camry. Maybe there's a reason the others look like that. Aerodynamics while Tesla isn't quite that concerned about it?


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Was just reading the other day how if you take an ev vs standard ICEfrom the time they come off the assembly line, the ev doesn't take long to surpass the ICE in terms of being more carbon friendly to the environment. If you back it up though to the carbon footprint for getting the materials to make each, the story changes quite a bit. The carbon footprint of the EV is larger in the long run. Was quite surprising to read. Here's just one of the sources.


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No. If the goal of our country is to follow what mlk preached when he said "I look to a day when people will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." That's how it should be, but constantly pointing out someone's race, gender, sexual orientation...etc, whenever they achieve something is perpetuating discrmatory thought, especially with our current political atmosphere and articles like this that make it seem like they were chosen just for those reasons. If the government and companies and big cities where the majority of the population lie are as progressive as they claim to be, then it should come as no surprise when someone of x, y, or z gets elected, (assuming they're elected based on merits and just so happen to be x,y, or z) as they were chosen simply based upon being the best candidate, which is how it should be.


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Unfortunately "science" news is incredibly unreliable these days due to all the half assed studies or just plain bad ones that get published and taken for fact. Not to mention how politics has infected what were once reputable publishers. This makes it very difficult for normal people to figure out what's good, credible science, and what isn't.