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Well it's definitely sad. Maybe I'm a nimby but I think it's terrible when these beautiful landscapes we have in PA are replaced with ugly warehouses and the trucks they bring in destroy our roads. Also the jobs they bring in are not jobs you want in your area, they abuse workers and pay low wages. They prey on the desperate. Those megacorps are what's ruining communities and killing this country.


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But like, is it supposed to affect us somehow? Make it hard to breathe? Even during the forest fires I never was able to tell. During that time I was located in Berks and Chester counties. I now live in Northern Chester county not far from Pottstown. Never experienced anything I would call poor air quality, outside of an enclosed space with machinery or paint booth.


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Yeah that's my understanding too. I have a truck that doesn't run in my driveway, I ran out of money to fix it, it's locked sealed and covered, has been for the last three years, so no I will not get it inspected, especially considering it would have to be towed to an inspection station, which would be ridiculous. They can come after me if they want, I'll take them to court. If you're not driving it, it's technically "in storage" right? That's how I see it.


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This is probably the wrong Sub. You want one of the work reform related ones.

Just from what I would think though it probably isn't a violation unless they are making her wear a short sleeves outfit or something. If she's allowed to bundle up it probably isn't a violation. I've worked in plenty of unheated buildings and outdoors all winter before.