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Someone who buys a house on a golf course assumes most of the risk here.

The golf course is not responsible for broken windows. Unless the house was built before the course - in which case the golf course assumes liability for errant golf balls. Because the homeowner didn't buy the house expecting to see golf balls fly anywhere near their home.

Golfers are never legally responsible for damage, as long as they are playing normally and don't intentionally aim at someone's window.

But, a decent human being should still fess up to any damage they've caused and at the very least apologize.


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From the blues, the hole is a straight shot, 225 yard par 3 with two big bunkers to the left of the green and a giant bunker in the middle of the fairway about 150 yards away from the blue tees.

The lot is on the left of the hole and about about 65 yards from the bunker in the middle of the fairway.