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Writing and making arguments is a great skill for children to learn so I’d hate to see it discarded entirely.

I’d ramp up in-class testing and decrease the amount of homework essays. Any homework would be geared toward learning a concept (I.e. read this chapter on x) how the students actually learn is up to them. The tests would be in a controlled environment and make certain that they understand the subject.


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Sensational or controversial content often receives more views and engagement, and so its more likely to appear at the top of search results.

Additionally, there may be more videos that are critical of AI simply because many people have concerns or worries about the technology and its impact on society, and so they may be more likely to create or share content about these concerns. Finally, the negative impact of AI can be a trending topic, and it can be an interesting subject for discussion and debate, so it can be more likely to be created or shared. ~ From ChatGPT