Inquisitive_idiot t1_jedu18i wrote

I work for a competitor and it’s disconcerting seeing one of the FANGs trip up like this. They are such an ingrained part of our culture, have created amazing tech that I use everyday, and seeing them flustered like this on some thing that they should have down cold is concerning.

If one of them stagnates, they all eventually stagnate as well.


Inquisitive_idiot t1_jb3dbwc wrote

That doesn’t negate the benefits of toolsets like ChatGPT in the interim.

Sometimes it gets the right answer and sometimes it gives me a terrible answers / code examples but overall I like having it in my toolbox and I like the improved relevancy that I’m getting so far.

I don’t think it’s the end all be all but, even as a stepping stone to something greater, it’s pretty useful and provides value.


Inquisitive_idiot t1_j5hzstu wrote

That doesn’t make the repeated sunsetting of so many consumer-facing services any less painful.

That they sunset popular beta services isn’t unique to them but at this point it’s very hard to commit to their consumer facing services for fam/friend comms.

I’m coming off as an old man here 😅 but there needs to be a modicum of predictably to comms and they keep turning over the table. 😓