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As a lifeguard of 12 years, one thing we were trained the most on was danger recognition. I’ve had many people I’ve had to save from drowning situations and the entire pool was like “ meh” to the whole scenario. The true scary part for me was how quickly a drowning situation could occur and anyone without a trained eye could be none the wiser. I salute these women for seeing the danger and acting quickly!


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It's all about perspective, I've come to find. In the past decade alone, News headlines have become overwhelmingly negative and biased in comparison to what we had before. In reality, things were a lot worse in the past, but we didn't have the internet for most of human history, so up-to-date information was very hard to come by.


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I don't subscribe to the overly pessimistic view that "herp derp the human race is going to end soon!" rhetoric. Don't expect me to see things your way. The real way humans will overcome hardships such as climate change will be through the conscious choice to remain stead-fast and stay proactive in reducing (and reversing) whatever damage we've done so far. All you're doing is allowing the bad players (oil companies, authoritarian dictatorships, corrupt evil people in general) to have their way. You're allowing yourself and other innocents to be run over. Have you no shame or responsibility?


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Using the word “Czar” essentially gives that person a very important title that has ancient origins. It’s basically tradition

Edit: Okay folks, I get it. I made a mistake in connecting the term with modern-day titles. Put down your pitchforks already :/


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The sleep thing I read is usually due to screens mimicking sunlight, or artificial light in the blue spectrum. This is why I have a program on my TV that tints the whole thing orange, which simulates a sunset.

Not saying gaming overall doesn’t affect health in negative ways, but the same can be said with just about any hobby taken to excess.